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Blacktop has been doing business since 1996 as a leader in commercial and residential asphalt sealing, paving, and repair. We offer superior knowledge, quality, and service second to none. We meet customer needs quickly and cost-effectively. We have maintained and protected driveways and parking lots with the highest quality protective asphalt maintenance products possible.

From small residential driveways to large parking lots of corporate complexes and shopping malls, we are one of the most trusted asphalt sealcoating companies in Central New York, Charlotte, NC, Myrtle Beach, SC and Orlando, Florida. Our ability to adapt and innovate across different climates, pavement use and regulations enables us to provide you with the results you demand for your pavements. Quality you can rely on, in every single gallon of sealer, every drop of crack filler and every ounce of latex additive.

We prep, clean and wirebrush your entire driveway or parking lot, and then provide any pavement repairs or line striping that you need. For added quality, we use only commercial grade sealer to make sure your driveway or parking lot lasts a long time through all weather conditions. Our perfected process and industry leading materials that are the key and guarantee stunning results every time!

Destiny Mall Parking Lot in Syracuse NY
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Your parking lot or driveway is often the first impression a visitor has of your home or business. Make a positive statement with high-quality pavement services from Blacktop Sealcoating. For over fifteen years, Blacktop Sealcoating has installed, maintained, and repaired countless entry ways. Only the best materials and expert techniques are used, ensuring that your driveway or parking area makes a lasting impression, for years to come.

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Blacktop Sealing and Paving is a world-class asphalt service company.


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We stand by the quality of our work and our reputation!

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